Golf fans react after Brooks Koepka uses Jena Sims' UNDERWEAR as a FACE MASK

A video has gone viral on Instagram of Brooks Koepka stepping out of a cab using what looks to be Jena Sims' underwear as a face mask.

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Mon, 23 Nov 2020
Golf fans react after Brooks Koepka uses Jena Sims' UNDERWEAR as a FACE MASK

We've seen some pretty raunchy stuff between Brooks Koepka and his girlfriend Jena Sims in the past and now golf fans have reacted to a video of the four-time major winner using what looks like his other half's underwear as a face mask.

The video was posted on the Golfersdoingthings Instagram page, where Sims steps out of the cab first, soon followed by Koepka and Sims laughs, telling her friend to zoom in on her boyfriend's face.

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Koepka can then be seen wearing what is definitely not a face mask on his face and going by the lace detail and the laughter in the background, it seems to be some underwear belonging to Sims.


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Golf fans flooded the comments section of the video below, so check out some of the reactions below, although some of them were a little too X-rated for us to share with you...

"When you can't go long off the tee...this is how you make up for it," said one golf fan.

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"This guy is the GOAT."

"Dustin Johnson owns him though..."

"This man is a king."

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