Golf fans react to HILARIOUS Conor Moore marriage counselling sketch

Conor Moore is the master of impressions and comedy across a range of different sports and he has entertained fans again with his latest sketch.

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Fri, 21 May 2021
Golf fans react to HILARIOUS Conor Moore marriage counselling sketch

Conor Moore has risen to prominence in the sports and entertainment world in recent years through his hilarious sketches and pinpoint impressions.

He has performed reincarnations of some of football, golf and horse racing's most famous and prestigious figures and he has grown extremely popular with sports fans.

His latest sketch for the Conor Moore Show has made many golf fans laugh as it shows a husband and a wife struggling with their marriage, but the counselling session shows some promise when golf is involved.

The husband is only aware of his wife's concerns when the problem is put to him in a golfing analogy. His wife claims that he never listens to her, but he only understands how bad that feels when it is described to him by the counsellor as four-putting for a bogey on a par-5 at Pebble Beach.

We all know how obsessive golf can be, especially as the summer is here and the weather is great for a round. It is another classic sketch from the Conor Moore Show that shows people's love of the sport.

Golf fans reacted to the video:

"This easily could've been dry/unfunny, but this is quality stuff," one fan said.

"Unbelievably funny," one fan commented.

"Golf wife problems," another fan commented.

"Can you talk my language please?" another fan said.

"This be DJ and Paulina," one fan said.

There will be many men and women who can sympathise with both sides of the debate in the sketch, but no matter how much you adore golf, it is important to make time for your loved ones.