Golf fans react to an INCREDIBLE but DANGEROUS golf drill

Would you trust any of your friends to take on this drill with you?

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Tue, 22 Jun 2021
Golf fans react to an INCREDIBLE but DANGEROUS golf drill

We have all seen the "It's all in the hips" drill from Happy Gilmore, but when Chubbs was trying to teach Happy to play golf, he was not taking full swings at his ball.

In this video below, a pair of golfers take trust and danger to the next level with their incredible drill and it makes you wonder if you would ever do this drill with one of your friends.

Golf is a great sport to begin and it is very satisfying when you hit a shot out of the middle of the clubface, but this drill is taking the quest for game improvement to the extreme end of the spectrum.

Despite this extraordinary drill, the player appears to hit a very solid shot down the driving range so it could be a drill worth considering for other golfers in the future. 

However, if you do think of doing this drill, you would have to make sure you do it safely and that you have a partner who is willing to complete the drill safely.

Golf fans reacted to the incredible but dangerous drill:

"I've seen this guy at ranges before. I do wish he'd ask before he did that," one fan said.

"My coach did that to me… I was all excited haha all in the hips," one fan commented.

"Good thing her swing is spot everything else look there bro?" another fan said.

"The circle of thrust," another fan commented.

"It's all in the hips," one fan said.