Golf fans react to player with a headcover for his GOLF BALL RETRIEVER!

Many golfers think that headcovers for irons are a dubious choice for your golf bag, but what about a headcover for your golf ball retriever? 

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Tue, 1 Jun 2021
Golf fans react to player with a headcover for his GOLF BALL RETRIEVER!

We have all met a variety of golfers in our time on the course and we will continue to do so throughout our lives.

Along the way, you meet people with different personalities and quirks and these are often personified by the items and features of their golf gear and equipment.

One questionable choice of equipment that has often been flagged up is the use of headcovers on your irons. We all know that headcovers are commonly used for bigger sticks, such as the driver and the woods, but some golfers also like covering their irons.

These items certainly divide opinion, but one item has been earthed on social media which has provoked a massive reaction from golf fans.

Introducing: the golf ball retriever headcover. This is an extremely rare item but one golfer has decided that it is an essential piece of club headgear that they need to use.

What is also astonishing is that the golfer has managed to find a seemingly new and fresh Callaway headcover for his golf ball retriever. The retriever itself is somewhat of a rogue addition to the bag and it doesn't instil confidence when you're preparing to pick balls out of hazards.

Golf fans reacted to the picture on social media:

"Makes me never want to buy any Callaway just because they make that," one fan said.

"All he's missing is the bag cover," one fan commented.



"Imagine having a golf ball retriever. A ball lost to a water hazard is an offering to the golf gods," another fan said.

"In fairness irons don’t come with covers but that ball retriever does," another fan commented.

"Is it really bad I used it to see the numbers," one fan said.