Golf fans rip Donald Trump over cheating video

Golf fans are ripping Donald Trump after a video emerged of him missing a short putt and using his hand to guide it into the hole.

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Tue, 15 Sep 2020
Golf fans rip Donald Trump over cheating video

It's no secret that Donald Trump loves his golf and the current President of the United States can often be found on the golf course. There have been plenty of stories about Trump's love affair with golf and many have come out and said that Mr President is a little bit of a cheat, well now we have some evidence to prove that...

A recent video on the Golf Gods Instagram page and originally posted by Groupchat Golf Memes, shows Trump quickly walking up to a short putt and tapping it using only one hand, whilst bending down to confidently get his ball out the hole.

It seems Trump was a little over confident and with his hand close to the hole, he notices his ball isn't finding the cup, so he gives it a little secret tap to make sure it gets there. Watch Trump's cheating incident in the video below.

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It was an extremely sneaky move from the President and he clearly was trying to be as clever as possible in making sure no one saw his blatent act of cheating, but thankfully someone filming was able to get a clear view.

Golf fans commented in the hundreds and called out Trump for his actions.

"Type of player to say he shot par when he double bogied."

"That’s that “I would I’ve made it if I took my time” grab."

"And putting with his glove on... What a schlub."

"How you do 1 thing is how you do all things."

"Like he does all the time. Sad."

"Definitely a serial cheater."

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