Golf rules: This player had a NIGHTMARE in the bunker, but what happens next?

If this happens to you in the future then this is what you need to know... hopefully you won't ever need such a ruling.

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Fri, 8 Oct 2021
Golf rules: This player had a NIGHTMARE in the bunker, but what happens next?

Getting stuck in a bunker is one thing, but having your friend film it and then stick it on the internet only for the clip to go viral is another. 

Let's face it, we've all had our moments to forget in the sand - those pesky little devils are the difference that can turn a round on its head. 

But here at GolfMagic we are here to help and not just to take pleasure in these hilarious clips that do the rounds. 

A clip of a player stuck in a large pot bunker has made its way onto the popular Instagram page @golfrules_questions. 

Our player in question has no stance - he's actually sitting down with his feet off the ground - in the bunker. 

It's the only available shot to him and in one almighty swing he takes a swipe at the ball. 

But the problem is that the club makes contact with the lip of the bunker causing him to fall forwards and miss the ball. 

Damn, that's one unlucky break but what exactly happens next? 

The answer is that the stroke counts because they caused their ball to move. 

This is under Rule 9.4 and means that the total is a loss of two strokes. 

But what next?

The player does have a few options.

They can then either replace their ball and then play it as it lies. 

Or after replacing it, declare it unplayable and drop it inside the bunker. 

They must: drop it within one-length of their last spot played no nearer to the hole.

Or within one club-legnth of a spot back on a line, no nearer the hole or within two club lengths no nearer the hole. 

They can take a two-stroke penalty by dropping outside the bunker, within one club-legnth back on a line no nearer the hole.