Golfer attempts hitting a MOVING BALL in the water - here's the official ruling!

Golfer has a shocker in the water - but what's the official rule when it comes to moving golf balls?

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Thu, 18 Feb 2021
Golfer attempts hitting a MOVING BALL in the water - here's the official ruling!

A video of a golfer attempting to hit a "moving ball" out the water has gone viral on Instagram this month. While a very funny clip, the more serious question is whether or not the golfer racks up any penalties for his actions?!

According to Golf Rules Questions, who posted the video on Instagram, the man is entitled to take as many strokes as he wishes in the water, but there is no penalty for his general actions. WATCH the video below, and scroll down for a further explanation of the rule: 



"A player must not make a stroke at a moving ball," confirms GRQ

"A ball in play is "moving" when it is not at rest on a spot. If a ball that has come to rest is wobbling (sometimes referred to as oscillating) but stays on or returns to its original spot, it's treated as being at rest and is not a moving ball."



The only exception to this rule is 'Exception 3 - Ball Moving In Water - when a ball is moving in temporary water or in water in a penalty area.'

"The player may make a stroke at the moving ball without penalty, or the player may take relief under Rule 16.1 or 17, and may lift the moving ball. 

"In either case, the player must not reasonably delay play (see Rule 5.6a) to allow the wind or water current to move the ball to a better place.

"Rule 10.1d."

GRQ adds: "In this instance of the video, the golfer is permitted to try have as many strokes as he wishes, although I'd suggest penalty relief might be the better option. "Of course, if you are taking relief from a penalty area, you get a penalty."