Golfer has his ball kicked away by a KANGAROO, but what's the ruling?

There are different rulings when animals interfere with your golf ball depending on where you are on the hole.

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Mon, 15 Mar 2021
Golfer has his ball kicked away by a KANGAROO, but what's the ruling?

Now if you're a member at a golf club in the UK, I'm going to say it's highly unlikely that your golf ball is going to be kicked by a kangaroo, but for those of you in Australia, it may be something you've experienced already.

Whether it's a kangaoo, polar bear, snake, or even an elephant, the golf rule that would come into play is the same, so it's a useful rule to know for when you might come across an animal on the golf course.

The popular Instagram page Golf Rules Questions recently posted a video of a golfer hitting his ball towards the pin, only for it to be stopped in its tracks by a passing kangaroo. But do you know what the ruling would be should this happen to you?


The question was posed on Instagram along with the clip: "A kangaroo jumps across the putting green and deflects a ball in motion. What is the ruling if the player makes a stroke at their ball: A) that is at rest on the putting green, or B) at rest on the fairway?

"Answer: A) the stroke must be cancelled and the ball replaced and replayed. B) the ball is to be played as it lies. Rule 11.1"

So there you have it. Should you be on the putting green and your ball hits an animal, you simply get to replace your ball and take the putt again, but the same rule doesn't apply if you're taking a shot from the tee box or fairway.

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