Golfers BOOTED out of club over jeans, mobiles, white vans and tea cups!

MUGGED OFF! Golfers ejected from exclusive golf club in falling standards row...

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Tue, 1 May 2018

Golfers who paid close to £2,000 a year for membership at the exclusive Manor House Hotel club in Castle Coombe have been booted out after moaning about jeans, mobile phones, white vans in the car park and mugs instead of tea cups!

Will Scrivens, 72, Colin Weekley, 71, Chris Elworthy, 70, John Swales, 71, and Roger Brack 73, were kicked out of the 365-acre site as designed by BBC golf commentating legend Peter Alliss.

The five men said they were told they were no longer welcome as they seemed unhappy and had been moaning too much about falling standards.

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Such issues included groans over jeans, trainers and T-shirts being allowed to be worn in the clubhouse, as well as a number of white vans from plumbers and builders in the car park.

They also complained about “rubbery” Welsh rarebit and china cups being swapped for mugs. They said the mugs were not even monogrammed which was "reflecting the clientele the club now targets."

The five friends each received the same letter explaining their membership had been terminated and that they would have to ask permission before playing golf at Manor House as guests.

Mr Elworthy a grandfather of three who joined 25 years ago, said: “Things have changed dramatically of late. We found that mobile telephones were allowed in the clubhouse, blue jeans, trainers and T-shirts, a far cry from how a real golf club should be run.

“Hotel guests can play the course whether they can play golf or not, which means that a six-hour round waiting to play every shot is happening.

“Over the last couple of years my complaints have also been about inedible food – Welsh rarebit for instance was a cold lump of rubbery cheese on stale bread.”

The men have since decided to join another golf club.

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