GolfMagic takes on former World Long Drive champion Joe Miller

WATCH: GolfMagic's Alex Lodge takes on two-time World Long Drive champion Joe Miller in a long drive challenge with a twist.

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Fri, 11 Sep 2020
GolfMagic takes on former World Long Drive champion Joe Miller

In 2016, Joe Miller won his second World Long Drive Championship after bombing a 423-yard drive to add a world title to his list of epic achievements, but has he got what it takes to beat GolfMagic in a long drive contest? Well of course he does, he's Joe Miller for Christ sake. So with that in mind, there's a slight twist in there to make it slightly tougher for the big-hitting beast.

We spent some time with Joe at the beautiful Stoke Park Golf Club, where our very own Alex Lodge took on the former World Long Drive champion in a long drive contest.

Both Alex and Joe were given 14 shots each - Alex was using a driver for every shot, but for Joe, as soon as he uses a club, he loses it.

Watch the video below to see who won the long drive challenge....




Now before I go on to give Joe praise for pulling off some absolutely ridiculous shots on the Stoke Park driving range, I'm going to give Alex a special mention for putting up a great fight against a World Long Drive champion and even smashing one of his drives a whopping 355 yards, well done Alex, you did us proud.

So now moving onto the star man, the monster that is Joe Miller. Check out below some of the insane shots he pulled out the bag in the challenge.

319-yard drive OFF HIS KNEES: When driving a golf ball, you transfer the power using your legs in order to hit absolute bombs, yet Joe managed a plus 300 drive without even using them.

- 293-yards using a PUTTER: Not even going to bother writing why this is impressive, it's pretty obvious.

- 416-yard BOMB: Using his extra long driver, Joe ripped a 416-yard drive near enough straight down the middle.

- 368-yard drive OUT OF THE BOX: This one was by far my favourite. Joe ripped a 368-yard drive without even taking the ball out of the sleeve. He simply sat the box down and smashed it out of there. Outrageous.

Check out Joe's website by clicking here, and make sure you follow him on Instagram @joemillerldc

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