HUGE FIGHT breaks out at Golf Club Manager Awards; one attendee THROWS CHAIR!

It all kicked off at the annual Golf Club Manager Awards as a brawl broke out between attendees. 

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Fri, 1 Apr 2022
HUGE FIGHT breaks out at Golf Club Manager Awards; one attendee THROWS CHAIR!

Just a week after Will Smith incredibly slapped Chris Rock on the stage at the Oscars, news has reached us that a brawl broke out between attendees at the annual Golf Club Manager Awards. 

According to Golf Business News who published the shocking news earlier today, one attendee was so infuriated by the host Lynn Benfield's joke that he ended up throwing his chair across the room and towards a group of nominees. 

That led to a "full-scale brawl" and the entire ceremony being postponed for another date, acccording to GBN.

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Benfield was revealing the nominees for 'Golf Club with the Best PR' category, before joking that West Mellington Golf Club could use their marketing skills to "improve Bristol". 

That led to cries of laughter in the room, but fury by West Mellington manager David Hall.

According to GBN, "moments later, Hall threw his chair at the table housing the nominees for ‘Environmental Project of the Year’, who had continued to laugh at the joke."

A huge fight then broke out with numerous attendees getting involved. 

Hall was left bloodied, according to the report, but he later apologised for his actions. 

"They always knew I was a loose cannon but I have overstepped the mark this time," said Hall. 



Attendee Rose Main told GBN that she was disgraced by the violence at the awards ceremony. 

"Prior to the brawl the winner of one category said ‘children are our future’ while another talked about how she hated disease, poverty and even death," she said. 

"All that good work will be forgotten now – and when people talk about the ceremony it will probably be dominated by the seven people who were hospitalised."

As the event was postponed, the winner of the coveted 'Golf Club Manager of the Year' was not announced.

The winner will likely be revealed later in April. 

"I still hope to win," said Hall. "I hope to get my fresh prints on the trophy."

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