Lee Westwood says golf is "dominated by White people"

Lee Westwood believes golf has a long way to go in addressing diversity.

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Thu, 9 Jul 2020

Lee Westwood says golf is "dominated by White people"

Lee Westwood believes that golf as a sport has a long way to go in addressing diversity after he spoke about the issue in a live Instagram intervew with CNN.

Following the unlawful killing of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement has been as powerful as ever, with people around the world coming together in support.

Since live sport returned to our televisions in recent weeks, multiple organisations have been vocal about the importance of the campaign and have made raising awareness a priority, including F1, the NFL and the Premier League where players have been taking the knee at the start of every match.

At the Charles Schwab Challenge in June, a moment of silence was held at 08:46 throughout all four days of the tournament so that players and officials could pay their respects to Floyd, who was brutally pinned under a police officer's knee for eight minutes and 46 seconds.

Westwood, who has been out of action after choosing not to travel to the United States and play on the PGA Tour, believes that golf is "dominated by White people" and can still do a lot more to address diversity.

"You know, arguably, the best player in our sport is Black and he's done a lot to promote golf in different ethnic quarters," Westwood told CNN's Amanda Davies. "But I think we can always do more for sure.

"I think it's still perceived as a White sport if I'm being completely honest," the former World No.1 added. "If you look at the people that partake in it, and certainly the crowds that turn up, it's dominated by White people.

"There's not enough Black people that come into the game. I don't know what the answer is to that. But there has to be an answer because sport should be for everybody, shouldn't it?"

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