Golf fans react as group of golfers wash clubs in a BALL CLEANER

It is important to keep your clubs as clean as possible, but maybe just use a towel and some water next time...

Golf fans react as group of golfers clubs in a BALL CLEANER
Golf fans react as group of golfers clubs in a BALL CLEANER

Golf clubs are the prized possessions of many people across the United Kingdom and the whole world. You need to look after them and keep them as safe as you possibly can.

I will admit that I have been one to overlook taking care of my golf clubs. I would take them out of my car for my next game, and the clubheads would be covered in mud and grass stains.

So as anyone would do, I grabbed an old towel and put water on it to clean my clubs, until I could see my reflection glistening from the grooves.

Using a ball cleaner to wash my clubs would not cross my mind in the slightest, but it would appear that not every golfer shares the same thoughts as I do.

Footage emerged recently on social media of a group of golfers putting their club heads into a golf ball cleaner and using the washing-up foam and water inside to clean their clubs. 

To be fair, it is a very good idea. It is probably frowned upon at most golf clubs as they are primarily used for cleaning golf balls. But you have to take your hats off to their creativity.

Golf fans commented on the funny video:

"I too love destroying property for pointless tiktoks," one fan said.

"Destroys irons instead of cleaning them," one fan commented.

"Wish these types of guys didn’t bother showing up. Weekend hacks," another fan said.

"Can I just play through please," another fan commented.

"That first iron should be in a museum," one fan said.


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