Reports emerge of two ladies STEALING VALUABLES from golf club members in UK

There have been reports in the southeast of England of two ladies pretending to be from a foreign country to pickpocket golf club members.

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Wed, 28 Jul 2021
Reports emerged of two ladies STEALING VALUABLES from golf club members in UK

Reports have emerged on social media of thieves at golf courses in the southeast of England who aim to pickpocket golf club members.

The two people in question are ladies who allegedly put on fake foreign accents in order to distract members of golf clubs in order to steal their valuables such as watches, wallets and jewellery.

According to Golf News, the reports have mostly come from golf clubs in the southeast of England and we encourage every golfer in this area to show caution and care when conversing with different people outside of their golf clubs.

One man from West Sussex replied to Golf News who posted to Twitter about the matter, saying that he has had similar thieves at his golf club so this is a region in which you must take caution.

As reported by Time Tide recently, an unsuspecting man had his Rolex watch stolen outside Stoneham Golf Course in Southampton by a woman who asked him to sign her petition.

After he paid her the courtesy of signing the petition, the woman allegedly shook the man's hand with both of hers and shortly afterwards the man noticed his watch was missing.

A week later, there was another robbery by a woman with a petition outside Wellow Golf Club in Romsey, a historic market town in Hampshire.

The man reported his missing watch to the police. All of these incidents may be linked and whoever is carrying out these thefts need to be taken seriously and caught as soon as possible.

If you have any more information on the matter or if you know of similar cases, please contact the police immediately.