'Shambolic': Golfers in Victoria, Australia up in arms over IDIOTIC toilet ban

"If the shambolic reopening of golf and tennis clubs in Victoria is any indication of how the rest of the state will open up, then God help us all."

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Fri, 1 Oct 2021
'Shambolic': Golfers in Victoria, Australia up in arms over IDIOTIC toilet ban

Golfers in the southern state of Victoria in Australia have reacted angrily by the decision to keep indoor facilities at golf clubs closed. 

That means golfers will not have access to the toilets on site at their respective golf clubs after the Victorian government lifted a ban on recreational golf and tennis being allowed this week. 

The decision has been reacted to with a mixture of confusion and anger. 

Golf Australia (GA) reportedly sent out an email to clubs saying: "Please note, toilets must remain closed at your facility. 

"This is different from previous advice received on this topic and GA will make urgent representations to government on this point as we understand full well that this is a significant impost." 


Melbourne Golf Club captain Andrew Kirby reacted angrily to the news, telling 3AW radio it was a breach of their human rights and a joke. 

"I know the blokes can do a number one in the trees but there are lots of women playing," he told the station. 

"We've been through this opening and closing and opening again so many times you'd think they'd get it a little more down pat. 

"To be honest, I think the problem I see is too much micro-regulation of it. 

"Golf courses have really gone out of their way to embrace Covid-safe measures. Scores are done on an app, you don't touch anything, we're vaccinated, so we're trying  to work with it and make it safer.

"Maybe there's been a miscomunication or something has been misconstrued but we have staff there, we have lots of women playing, we have people with medical conditions - they need to use the toilets. 

"It's just a bit disappointing after the excitement of opening yesterday."