Tee shot goes horribly wrong as golfer smashes his own face with golf ball

WATCH: This unlucky golfer managed to hit himself in the face after his golf ball ricocheted off a stake in front of him.

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Thu, 24 Sep 2020
Tee shot goes horribly wrong as golfer smashes his own face with golf ball

Being filmed by one of your mates whilst hitting a shot on the golf course always goes one of two ways. You either flush it down the middle or hit an absolute stinker that the person behind the camera gets to laugh at, before it's quickly deleted. Although sometimes, the horror shots are worth keeping...

In this case, the horror shot looks like a rather painful one, as this slow motion video doing the rounds on social media shows an unlucky golfer hitting his tee shot with an iron, only for the ball to rebound off of a stake no wider than the ball itself and hit him straight in the face.

Watch the painful moment captured on camera in the video below:

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I can't even begin to imagine how painful that must have been. Luckily the poor lad looks up at the camera and he doesn't seems to be bleeding, but that could have easily been very nasty indeed.

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Going by the golf swing and the attire, I don't think this guy plays too often, so hopefully this accident hasn't put him off the game forever.

"With that swing I think anything is possible apart from hitting greens," someone said in the comments section.

"No penalty for accidental deflection of a moving ball," joked another.

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