Tour pro Stadler gets angry, hits golf fan with broken clubhead

Golf fan struck in face by Kevin Stadler's flying clubhead, requires stiches.

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Mon, 20 Aug 2018
Kevin Stadler hit a spectator in the face with his broken clubhead 

A golf fan was struck in the face by a broken clubhead after PGA Tour veteran Kevin Stadler lost his rag during the Tour's WinCo Foods Portland Open.


Stadler slammed his 7-iron in anger after a poor shot to the par-3 15th, before the club snapped and the head flew into the crowd, hitting and cutting the spectator.

The man was rushed to hospital and required stiches, and a "possible skull fracture" was initially feared despite the man later being released from hospital in good condition.

"It’s been a while since I’ve seen so much blood," said Shaun Micheel, who was playing in the same group as Stadler. 


EMTs were quick on the scene and the group continued the round once the they had the situation under control, which took close to 15 minutes.

Micheel said Stadler was "absolutely shattered" by what happened, and the rest of the group tried to “keep his spirits up” as they finished their round.

This was Micheel's Facebook post at the time, before later being made unavailable to the public...

One of my playing partners played a poor shot with a 7 iron on the par 3 fifteenth hole this morning. In a fit of anger he slammed his club against the ground and the side of his foot which caused the club to break about 6″ from the bottom. I had my head down but the clubhead flew behind me and hit a spectator to my right. It’s been a while since I’ve seen so much blood. We stayed with him for about 15 minutes before the EMT’s arrived. The last I heard was that he had a possible skull fracture but that he was doing ok otherwise. [Stadler] was absolutely shattered and we did our best to keep his spirits up. This was not done on purpose and we were astounded at the way the club was directed but it shows you just how dangerous it is to throw or break clubs. Each of us in the group learned something today!

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