Video goes viral of perhaps the WORST golf swing of the year so far!

Golf fans had plenty to say about this swing that was seen on social media...

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Wed, 12 May 2021
Video goes viral of perhaps the WORST golf swing of the year so far

Now I'm not one for making fun of anyone's golf game as everyone has to start somewhere, but when there's alcohol involved, I feel as though it gives you a free pass.

We've seen plenty of dodgy golf swings on social media this year but in a recent post on the Hack Patrol, we might have just been treated to the worst of the year so far.

Drinking alcohol on the golf course is always fun and for some people it can actual help them relax a little and play better golf, but one drink too many and you can quite easily go from swinging easy to swinging blind.

Going by the bloke's struggle to keep his balance at address, we're assuming he's one of the many golfers who crosses that fine line more often than not and thankfully, his friend (who to me sounds like Seth Rogan) was there to film one of his tee shots.


The contact is obviously horrendous, but the follow through looks painful. Of course a video like this doesn't take long to go viral and golf fans had plenty to say in the comments.

"Couple less cocktails wouldn’t hurt," said one fan.

"About to topple over any hole now," added another.

"Pure athlete."

"His shoulder popped out, looks like it."

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