WATCH: Aaron Wise gets rejected for kiss by girlfriend on 18th green

Aaron Wise explains 'funny moment' during viral 18th-hole embrace with girlfriend after winning Byron Nelson.

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Thu, 24 May 2018

Aaron Wise has revealed how he's giviing his girlfriend some s*** about rejecting him for a kiss moments after sealing his maiden PGA Tour victory at the Byron Nelson on Sunday.

Wise leaned in for a smooch with his girlfriend shortly after the win, it appeared he was denied. Was that really his girlfriend? Or was she just a friend? As social media tends to do, the jokes took off. According to Wise, though, it was all a big misunderstanding.

"Yeah, I been giving her some s--- about that," Wise said Wednesday, prior to this week's Fort Worth Invitational.

"A lot has been made about that. It's really nothing. Like I was saying, she was just so excited to surprise me. I was kind of ruining the surprise a little bit that she was shocked, and she didn't even see me go in for the kiss.

"No hard feelings at all. We love each other a ton and we're great. It was a funny moment that I think we'll always be able to look back at, but that's all it really was."

Watch the video below...