WATCH: Golfers prank their friend with HILARIOUS fake snake trick

Is this the best prank you've seen on a golf course?

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Sun, 27 Sep 2020
WATCH: Golfers prank their friend with HILARIOUS fake snake trick

Having a laugh with your mates on the golf course is what the sport is all about. Regardless of your level, if you're not enjoying yourself then what's the point? So make it as fun as possible and if that means scaring the sh*t out of one of your friends with a plastic snake, then so be it...

In a video posted on the Golf Gods Instagram page, this group of golfers pranked their friend by clipping a piece of string to his back pocket which had a plastic snake attached to the other end. The result... priceless.

Watch the hilarious prank in the video below:


How good is this! - @k_rac5 @ziregolf

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As golf pranks go, that's got to be one of the best we've seen for a long time. It's clever, original and very much outside the box. A* for effort there lads.

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"He fixed a divot just to put two more on the ground," said one person in the comments.

"He even duffed hitting the snake off the deck," joked another.

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