WATCH: Woman wins $25,000 after draining 100ft putt

A German woman took home a $25,000 prize at the Myrtle Beach World Am after she drained a monster 100ft putt.

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Mon, 9 Sep 2019

The Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship boasts 72 holes of net-stroke play with over 3,200 golfers competing simultaneously on 60 of Myrtle Beach's best golf courses. One of the most popular features of the Myrtle Beach World Amateur is that each evening there is a party at the world's largest 19th hole, where participants can drink and play games. Well this year, it turned out to be some party for one lucky lady.

One of the games available to the guests and participants is a monster putt challenge where you can win a huge cash prize. This year, a woman named Silvia Rosenberger from Germany, made the crowd go wild when she became the first person to sink the 100ft putt since the game was introduced seven years ago.

Rosenberger couldn't have made a more perfect roll if she had tried, sending the ball to the very edge of the bunker with the most precise pace, allowing the ball to swing from right to left, before it dropped dead centre into the hole.

The crowd erupted and Rosenberger started dishing out high-fives as she made her way along the line of the cheering spectators to proudly collect her ball from the hole.

Check out the epic moment in the video below:


People on Twitter were quick to congratulate the German putting superstar, check out some of the best replies below:

'Epic to the core!' 

'This is awesome!'

'Better than Tiger at Augusta's 16th'

'CONGRATS! That was awesome!'

'Silvia, Silvia, Silvia! Great putt sister!'