Would you use this golf JETPACK if you could?

A jetpack would certainly be one way of speeding up pace of play on the golf course...

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Fri, 4 Sep 2020
Would you use this golf JETPACK if you could?

Pace of play has been a hot topic of discussion in golf for years and we've seen all kinds of inventions that aim to help golfers play their rounds a little faster, but imagine playing a round of golf and seeing someone flying a jetpack across the fairways...

The jetpack was built by Oakley, who typically makes sunglasses, hats, apparel and other accessories, so you could say the brand has gone a little outside the box with this one.

If you're looking for a speedy round of golf, technology has come a long way since using an ordinary golf cart and we now have different ways of travelling around a golf course, such as the standing Golf Boards and more recently the motorcycles built for the fairways such as the Finn Cycle.

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Now rounds of golf can be pretty quick these days, but imagine how quickly you'd play a round in a jetpack that can go over land and water. Check out the Oakley jetpack in the video below:

"Just give me a golf cart. I can’t land this thing where I hit my balls," replied one golf fan.

"Golf carts already pose a formidable challenge with booze. This thing? Courses will have to hang one of those 'x number of days since accidental hover death'," joked another (although he makes a valid point, I wouldn't fancy flying a jet pack after a couple of beers).

"You can tell a woman came up with this idea because no man wants to shorten his time on the course," said another golf lover.

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