WATCH: Finn Cycle Review - the new golf motorbike speeding the game up

Ever fancied riding a motorbike around a golf course? You're in luck...

Jack Seddon's picture
Thu, 2 May 2019

GolfMagic headed down to The Wisley in Surrey to check out the brand new Finn Cycle by Sun Mountain Motor Sports - a golfing motorbike designed to dramatically help speed up rounds of golf.

The one-of-its-kind Finn Cycle is set to hit golf clubs around America very soon and will take the UK market by storm in the future.

We've seen a number of companies attempt to help speed up rounds of golf with motorised products, but we've yet to see one as impressive, quiet, user friendly and fun as this one from Sun Mountain. 

Would you rent one of these for a round of golf? Watch our video review to see if it's something you'll be wanting to jump aboard in the not too distant future...



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