Dustin Johnson: swing sequence

Learn how the big-hitting American achieves his 'effortless power'.

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Fri, 13 Mar 2015

Dustin Johnson's athletic swing gives him effortless distance, says Advanced PGA member Duncan Woolger.

Dustin is some specimen and his fantastically balanced, athletic set-up has him ready to fly the ball an average of 328 yards for the week when winning the WGC-Cadillac. 

At 6' 4", Dustin is creating an opportunity to gain as much speed as possible by making as wide and as big a backswing as possible. Being this flexible and athletic will allow him to unwind in the downswing.

Dustin has an unusual left wrist position at the top. This "bowed" position works for him, and combined with a great turn allows him to pound the ball from here over 300 yards through the air on a regular basis.

Dustin's on a collision course with the ball here as he uses a strong and seriously rapid unwinding of his body in to the ball.

IMPACT! That club head is hitting the ball at over 120 miles an hour on a regular basis with comparative ease. Dustin focuses on keeping great rhythm and believe it or not he doesn't try to hit the ball as hard as he can. You can see from the expression on his face that he isn't straining to smack it. There's no tension, just effortless power.

All that unwinding is shown by the club being thrown around him whilst he still stays bent over in his posture maintaining balance, which at that speed shows how strong he must be. 

Photos: Mark Newcombe/Visions in Golf

Words: Duncan Woolger

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