Luke Donald Mizuno Masterclass 4

World No.1 reveals his simple way to play your best from the sand

Golfmagic Instruction
Tue, 17 Jan 2012

In the fourth of his excellent Mizuno Masterclass series of tips, World No.1 Luke Donald reveals that as a junior member at Hazlemere Golf Club he and his friends spent hours challenging themselves to ‘be like Seve’ and get up and down from difficult situations.

Bunkers were a regular source of practice and in this clip he recommends that golfers imitate his own technique by ‘opening up the clubface’, ‘keeping the shaft leaning backward at address to expose the back edge and bounce of the club’ and ‘take a nice thin divot’.

Luke makes it look simple. Which, of course, it is - if you’re the best short game exponent on the planet!

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