Andy Sullivan: Chip closer to the pin

Position ball on front foot for more consistent chipping, says European Tour ace

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Mon, 15 Feb 2016

Next up in Andy Sullivan's Monarch Airlines masterclass series, the three-time European Tour champion explains how to become more consistent from the greenside rough.

Andy's key tips

Watch your club

A common mistake amateurs make is about ball position. Many amateurs set up with the ball too far back in the stance, which creates a lot of lean on the club. That’s the last thing you want to do because it creates a poor strike every time.

Position the ball on the front toe

I’d rather see an amateur step up to the ball with it on the front toe. Keep a narrow stance and put your weight into your front foot. Your hands should be ahead of the ball. From here, the club has enough room to swing in a smooth pendulum movement.

Don’t be too far back

If you get it back in the stand, you de-loft the club and instead of 60 degrees, you only have about 40 degrees of loft. During your stroke, you should focus on the back of your left wrist. Keep your wrist flat and firm, as you do with putting.

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