Golf tip: Cup wrist to lob the ball high

Use simple technique to play flop shot consistently

Golfmagic Staff
Fri, 26 Jun 2009
Golf tip: Cup wrist to lob the ball high

Continuing his occasional series, PGA pro John Hoskison, who plays on the European Seniors Tour, offers some quick tips to help golfers improve their game.

One of the most popular clubs being added to golfers' bags in recent years is the high-lofted lob wedge or lobber. Degrees of loft vary from 58 to as much as 65 and it's built with very little bounce in the flange and a sharp leading edge to allow the player, theoretically, to cut under the ball and toss it up in the air to land softly.

And being able to hit a high, short-distance flop shot is an invaluable asset when trying to save shots round the green. But it demands a distinctive technical skill and most golfers do not make the necessary change in their grip and swing in order to slide the blade under the ball.

All too often I see players blading the ball (striking it with the leading edge) so the shot travels too low and too far.

The key to a successful lob shot is in cupping the left wrist to open the blade - creating angle between wrist and the back of the hand - and holding it through the shot.

Most golfers know that they should open the blade a little at the address position, but very rarely do club golfers open the blade when swinging. The left wrist should cup on the backswing and should be held in that position during impact. This will allow the blade to stay open as it slides under the ball with maximum loft and backspin.

Experiment using your normal swing for a few shots, then try the cupped wrist and compare the difference to the ball flight trajectory.

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Originally published June 2009, updated May 2013.