Seve's greatest hits!

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Seve's greatest hits!

While we celebrate the life of Seve Ballesteros, seems appropriate to consider what kind of legacy he is leaving golf as we remember him in his pomp?

Some consider the swashbuckling way he has played the game - recovering from a car park, on his knees under a bush or simply an outrageously long, par-saving putt.

To me he was the greatest innovator and improvisor of shots. Even from the toughest spot he would have the imagination to find a way to get the ball into the hole in the least number of strokes.

I was reminded of this when a copy of 50 Greatest Golf Tips, dropped through my letterbox ahead of its release.

Inside, a section caught my eye, devoted by the authors to Seve, whom it describes as 'the most creative golfer of his generation.'

"A good imagination is a pre-requisite of a successful short game You first have to be able to visualise different chip shots around the green and then develop the touch and feel to turn those shots into reality."

"Chipping," it says "is not a one dimensional affair (there's simply no challenge in hitting the same shot to the same target for long periods). Like Seve, always practice your short game with a variety of clubs and constantly vary your target."

"Each time visualise the flight of the golf ball, where it lands, how much run is required to get it close to the hole. Remember every shot is different. Once you have a picture in your mind of the shot you want to play, select the club that best performs that function." Sound advice.

At the 1988 Open at Royal Lytham, Seve did just that with a chip that lipped out from 30 yards, clinched the Claret Jug and earned our greatest respect and a place in golfers' hearts.

There are 49 other great tips in the book which is well worth considering as a stocking-filler for a golfing pal this Christmas.

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Originally published November 2008, updated May 2013.

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