Golf Tips: do you ground or hover your driver?

Sound advice from Duffy Waldorf

Golfmagic Staff
Fri, 4 Jan 2013
Golf Tips: do you ground or hover your driver?

We see from watching the best players in the world that some prefer to ground their driver at address, others - seeking more freedom in the take away - favour the hovered driver at address.

Former Tour winner Duffy Waldorf - he of the Hawaiian shirts and scribbled patterns on his golf ball - has this advice.

“It takes an awful lot of practice to do what guys like Jack Nicklaus, Thomas Bjorn and Greg Norman do - hovering the driver slightly off the ground,” he says.

“What’s easiest for the everyday golfer is to rest the club just lightly on the ground before the ball but with no weight on it.

“This way you don’t run the risk of snagging the clubhead in your backswing - throwing off your timing - but still retain more control than if you hovered it.”

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