Something for the Weekend: Hit a cut with your driver like Furyk

The ninth in our Friday tips service

Something for the Weekend: Hit a cut with your driver like Furyk

This week in Something for the Weekend - our regular Friday series in which we offer a simple tip for you to try out on the course over the weekend - Jim Furyk takes over.

How to hit a cut with your driver

Everyone - from weekend amateur to Tour pro - has a favourite stock shot in their bag they know they can go to when the going gets tough and they need a shot they can rely on.

Says Furyk: “I'm a natural fader of the golf ball but sometimes I need to hit a little cut - a shorter fade I can manoeuvre around a hazard to get myself in position.

“A few years back I came to the 18th in the Las Vegas Invitational with a two-shot lead so I knew I had to keep my drive in play. There was a hazard down the left so I had to start the ball over the hazard and had to hit it perfectly. I was as nervous as could be but I nailed it beautifully and ended up on the fairway.

“I don't mess with my swing mechanics to hit a fade I just take care in my set-up.

“I move the ball a little further up in my stance and make sure my left foot is slightly flared or open and drawn back a bit from the target line.

“This allows me to make sure I clear my left side through the ball and hit the cut. I don't try to hit the ball too hard but try to make a nice smooth swing. It's much easier to cut the ball when you don't try to whip the club in there.”

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