Trick Shot: "The Happy Gilmore"

Trick shot specialist shows us Adam Sandler's famous golf move

Trick Shot:

Jeremy Dale is one of the world’s leading trick-shot exponents and his show simply has to be seen to be believed.

He is a genuine switch-hitter, able to hit quality golf shots both left and right handed, skills that have entertained golfers in over 20 countries.

In his latest trick-shot video, he teaches us one of Hollywood’s most famous moves.

“What’s the greatest golfing movie ever made? Happy Gilmore, by a mile! And the most famous shot in the film? The run up,” he says.

“It is not that hard and it does go miles if you get it right. Here’s a video of me teaching how to do it.

“You can also see it on Facebook.

“It is an exciting start to the year - I am going to the amazing 12 course Mission Hills GC in China this week and will be performing at the Abu Dhabi Championships next week.

“In April I will be going to Augusta to host a trip to the Masters and, later in the year, I’ll be working closely with the World Corporate Golf Challenge.

“I hope you enjoy the video.”

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