Basic golf swing tips - 4: Downswing

Just starting in the world of golf? Here are our basic downswing tips to get you on your way

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Wed, 18 Sep 2013
Basic golf swing tips - 4: Downswing

This is the fourth article of our six of the best basic swing tips instructional series. So here are the five top downswing tips...

1. Turn left hip then follow with arms and shoulders

The left hips should be the first part of the downswing, pushing your hips around clockwise towards the target with your shoulders and arms naturally following soon after.

2. Keep a still head

keeping your head in the same place throughout the swing is important but especially as you make the transition from the top to the downswing as that's where mistakes can be made.

3. Consistent spine angle

The spine should be the centre point of your swing from start to finish and keeping it at the same angle throughout helps a consistent swing path.

4. Move firmly onto left foot

As you see in the photo above McIlroy distributes a lot of his weight on to his left foot during the downswing which gives you more power at impact.

5. Hit hard with your right hand

Push your right hand through the ball as hard as you can. Grip the club lightly so your wrists uncock during your swing.

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