Basic golf swing tips - 5: Impact

Just starting in the world of golf? Here are our basic impact tips to get you on your way

Basic golf swing tips - 5: Impact

This is the fifth article of our six of the best basic swing tips instructional series. So here are the five top tips for better consistency at impact tips...

1. Shoulders slightly open

After turning your shoulders during the swing you want to have them slightly open, facing towards the target at impact.

2. Arma slightly flexed

Your left arm in particular should be straight at impact but not fully straight until you exit the stroke so that you have more flexibility when hitting the ball.

3. Hips half-facing target

Depending on what of swing you have your hips would have rotated clockwise by impact as with McIlroy's.

4. Right knee kicked in

Your right knee should be pushed in toward the target while your left leg should stay straight as with the set up.

5. Weight on left foot

Most of the your weight should be transferred to your left foot while bringing up the right heel slightly as seen by McIlroy in the above photo.

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