Keeping your wrists stiff during take away and follow-through is vital for ball striking. PGA professional David Bown has the perfect drill to practice the technique

Step 2: Don't hinge your wrists

The whole point of this drill is to teach yourself to keep your hands firm during takeaway, giving you a more consistent backswing.

In the top left photograph you can see David's left arm is perfectly in line with the club shaft showing he's taken the club back at the shallowest angle possible, or as close the ground as he can.

The bottom photograph shows what we're trying not to do, where David has cocked his wrists during take away.

This will mean a steeper swing path than normal which makes ball strike much harder. You'll know if you're doing it wrong because the grip will come away from your body.

When you're practising, make a quarter swing with the club resting against your belly button and then when you get comfortable, try using the club with your normal grip with a full swing. Hopefully the angle of your take away will be shallower.

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