Golf Practice Drills: uncock wrists

Keeping your wrists stiff during take away and follow-through is vital for ball striking. PGA professional David Bown has the perfect drill to practice the technique

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Wed, 24 Jul 2013
Golf Practice Drills: uncock wrists
Step 1: Push grip into stomach

The keep wrists firm drill is our third drill in the General Practice Drills series.

Many amateurs hinge or cock their wrists on the backswing and on the follow-through which loses them control and affects their ball striking.

PGA coach David Bown knows an easy drill for you to practice anywhere.

Set up as you normally would at address with an iron and then when comfortable bring your hands down the shaft so the handle is pressing against your belly button.

Just take a few mini quarter swings, bringing the club back the same distance as your follow-through.

Click the next slide to see how this helps keep your wrists firm.