Golf swing tips - 4: How to cure a pull

Can't get rid of that constant pull? Then check out our simple fixes for a better ball flight

Golf swing tips - 4: How to cure a pull

This is the fourth article in our ten of the best golf swing tips for beginners series.

For a right-hander, the pull is a shot that starts straight left and stays left (Fig.1).

Like the push shot, the pull doesn't generally mean that you're striking the ball poorly but instead you've got an error with your feet position or grip, so check out my quick fixes to prevent the pull shot happening...

1. Don't twist your hands over

Similar to the hook shot, if your hands are twisted around (left-hand image of Fig.2)  at address and impact then the clubface will close, causing the ball to go left. Use the V-shape grip (right-hand image of F.g2).

2. Put the ball further back in stance

If the ball is forward in your stance your shoulders will naturally aim left, which combined with a closed clubface will cause a pull shot. So put the ball a few inches further back, especially when using a driver.

3. Make sure you're not aiming left

This really is the most basic way to cure a pull but golfers tend to be poor at pointing their feet and shoulders to the target. If you've got into a bad habit of aiming left then get a playing partner to correct it on the range.

4. Have a wider stance

Having your feet together (left-hand image of Fig.2) will increase the movement of your shoulders through impact, pushing them too far forward and left and stopping your hips coming through properly. A wider stance (right-hand image of Fig.2) will keep you more stable on the shot and will stop you dragging the ball left.

5. Increase your leg flex

It's vital to have leg flex as it allows your body to swing more naturally. With most bad shots in golf, restricted movement can cause you to exaggerate a fault in your game, just like the pull shot. So loosen up and bend those knees.

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