Instructional: Golf Practice Drills

Looking for golf practice drills to improve your game? We've pulled together all our top drill articles in this instructional index

Instructional: Golf Practice Drills

You're at the range or on the putting green, what are the best drills for improving your game? We've spoken to PGA professionals and researched golf manuals to produce these instructional articles for you to get the best out of practicing.

In this instructional index we've laid out our top drill articles looking into putting, short game, bunker play, iron play, and driving to benefit the development of your own game.


Holing a few on the practice green before a round is essential, and that's only for ten minutes so imagine what you can do with a bit more practice. With the help of PGA professionals we've compiled our top Putting Practice Drills to help improve your game.

Short game

Working on your short game is absolutely vital for saving a round if your tee to green is a bit off so look at our Short Game Practice Drills section for more advice on making the best use of your practice time.

Bunker shots

Some golfer feels completely at ease in a bunker but that's not luck, it's practice. In our section Bunker Play Practice Drills we've grabbed our top articles on how to develop your sand trap knowledge when away from the course.

Iron shots

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and for some reason you're fading or drawing it, for example, so how do you fix it? In the Iron Play Practice Drills section, we give you the answers for all those unwanted habits.


It's tempting to go to the range and hit the life out of each ball with your driver but is that really helping to improve  your game? We provide you with the most effective Driving Practice Drills in our latest instructional series.


There are drills to improve specific parts of your game but remember that keeping yourself healthy and having a solid swing are as improtant as the shots themselves. We've used PGA coaches to show us the top General Practice Drills.

Want anymore tips? Check out our Toughest Golf Shots series.

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