Instructional: Golf's Toughest Shots

...and how to play them

Instructional: Golf's Toughest Shots

You get on the course and you're facing one of golf's toughest shots, whether it's a long putt or driving into the wind, what do you do? 

We've gathered tips from coaching manuals and spoken to PGA professionals to give you this hub of our most comprehensive guides to playing the toughest shots in golf.


Almost 40% of our game is putting and shot after shot can be wasted on the greens if we're not careful. In Golf's Toughest Putts section we'll find out how the professionals hole out those tricky putts.

Short game

If you miss the green with the approach shot, you could be leaving yourself with a very tough up and down. Golf's Toughest Short Game Shots will help you save par.


The longest club in your bag can be a saint but when you're faced with a shot into the wind or a draw, how do you play it? Golf's top PGA coaches let us know their secrets in Golf's Toughest Drives.

Bunker Shots

Everyone tries to avoid them but inevitably you catch a sand trap during a round. In Golf's Toughest Bunker Shots section, PGA professionals provide us with the basics to escape them.

Iron shots

The link between the tee and green can be treacherous if you're faced with an iron shot in a bad lie or 200 yards from the pin. In Golf's Toughest Iron Shots we're taught how to hit those difficult strokes.

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