Join in with your Magic Action!

Load your videos on to the GM forum for analysis and fun

Bob Warters
Fri, 18 Jan 2008

Join in with your Magic Action!

Magic golf action
An example of a video submission on the 'Magic Action' category of the GM forum

Some may not have noticed but it rained again yesterday! So, unable to get out to review the latest bunch of equipment that has arrived for testing, I spent a lazy couple of hours entertaining myself with video clips.

No! Not those kind of clips!

I was influenced by a handful of Golfmagic members putting up action of their swings for analysis on the forum - and getting good, genuine feedback - and decided here was an opportunity too good to miss.

Let's create a forum section purely for Magic Action. As well as personal swings - and I'm grateful to the smooth Golfer24, the tall Penfold Ace and the dynamic Creosote for their contributions - let's look at the good, the bad and the ugly from the pro Tours, too.

From Luke Donald to Jim Furyk, from Retief Goosen to John Daly, from Ian Poulter to Ben Hogan there are a multitude of golf swings out there on various sites which you can download directly on to the dedicated section.

There are lots of fun clips, too, including some dangerous and hilarious golfing activities to keep us all entertained for hours when the weather is too inclement to play or we're laid up poorly and unable to go to work.

I would suggest, however, if you're watching these on someone else's time, you turn the sound off or you will quickly reveal you don't have your mind on your work as perhaps you should!

If you wish to send us a video of your swing, simply sign up to YouTube (it's free) download your swing image and submit the link to a forum thread in the Magic Action section with any comments you care to make.

It's easy to do. When creating a thread or responding to a post, write your comments and if you wish to add a video clip, click on the little tree logo with your cursor use the drop down mini-drop down menu and insert the link and press 'insert' and then 'submit'.

I can guarantee you'll get feedback from other Golfmagic forum users which may or may not help you to improve. There are also several PGA and PGA of America coaches among our membership who may also offer advice.

We look forward to hearing from you. To check out the new Magic Action forum section, click here.