Swing from scratch: Five must know steps

Years of practice, thousands of pounds on golf lessons?... Not needed with Professional Peter Hudson's swing visualisation approach

Swing from scratch: Five must know steps

Visualising a swing then give it a go

Professional golf coach Peter Hudson reveals how you can teach yourself any movement in the golf swing, quickly and easily without any technical knowledge.

Sports psychologist, president of the World Golf Teaching Federation of Great Britain, and coach to the Essex county team, Hudson, has 40 years of experience in innovating the art of teaching golf.

He suggests that not only can you make a full swing but you can chip, pitch and putt within minutes of using his system, which he uses with every swing change or swing-build session he conducts, from beginner to Tour pro.

Hudson says: "I don’t just teach what to learn but how to learn."

So listen to his methods, give it a go, and let us know how you get on!

1. Imagine the movement of a golfer

For the first part you need to imagine the movement you wish to make by visualising a top pro, the one you wish to emulate, in action.

Initially look at him or her one dimensionally, as if in a sequence of photographs but ideally imagine the player on a repeating video ‘loop’ that you can watch over and over again.

Now the fun begins. You need to keep looking at the movement in close detail, noticing how every part of the body moves and how it works in conjunction with all the other moving parts.

Scan the moving pictures in your mind’s eye, working up and down the body, noticing where the club shaft and clubhead are positioned within the swing sequence and how they interact

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