Toughest Golf Shots: ball below feet

This shot can be very uncomfortable when you're standing at address. PGA coach Sam Quirke shows us how having the ball below your feet should be played

Toughest Golf Shots: ball below feet

The ball below feet shot is our third iron play article in the Golf's Toughest Iron Shots series.

Golf is generally played on flat terrain but many woodland course these days have undulations that will really catch you out including when the ball is below your feet.

Here PGA professional Sam Quirke gives us a few pointers on the easiest and most effective ways to hit this tough shot.

At set up use the normal stance but aim slightly left allowing for the steeper swing path which will naturally cut your ball from left to right.

Grip up the club up the shaft, as seen in the photograph on the right. This will enable your swing to be the same as it would if you were playing from the flat; no ned to dig down on the ball.

Remember that giving the ball a slight fade from this position will lose you distance so use a club more than you normally would if on the fairway and two more if playing from the rough.

Want anymore tips? Check out where PGA professional Sam Quirke provides swing analysis coaching at The Drift Golf Club or get on his personal website to take a closer look.

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