Brooks Koepka addresses his viral 'hydrated' traffic cone moment!

Brooks Koepka has explained his viral traffic cone moment ahead of the third LIV Golf League event of 2023 in Orlando, Florida.

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Thu, 30 Mar 2023
Brooks Koepka addresses his viral 'hydrated' traffic cone moment!

Brooks Koepka says he was 'hydrated' on the night of his viral moment from a Florida Panthers game, but he didn't bring the traffic cone. 

In case you missed it, Koepka was filmed in front of thousands of fans lifting up the cone and going after the Panthers' Aaron Ekblad. 

Koepka, a die hard fan, told the media before LIV Golf Orlando that he was 'hydrated' at the game and Eckblad had 'given up a bad goal'. 

That's hardly good prep for the 2023 Masters. But anyway, the clip of Koepka yelling obscenities spread like wildfire on social media. 

Okay, so it was hardly as entertaining as his viral eyebrow raise moment involving Bryson DeChambeau. But still. 

Remind yourself of the moment here:

Koepka was asked about this on 29 March before taking part in the third LIV Golf event of 2023 with his Smash GC side.  

In the same press conference he discussed any potential animosity at Augusta National with Rory McIlroy

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Here's the full exchange with a reported about his traffic cone moment:

Q. Brooks, sort of a viral clip from last week at the Panther game, I was just curious what's your beef with Aaron Ekblad, and did you bring the cone from home?

Brooks Koepka: "I did not bring the cone. He gave up a bad goal. It was a bad pass in the third. I'm a die-hard P's fan, and he gave up a bad goal."

Bubba Watson: "What sport is this?"

Patrick Reed: "Hockey."

Brooks Koepka: "Really?

"Yeah, it's all right. Yeah, he gave up a bad goal I think midway through the third, and I just felt like if they didn't win that game they weren't going to make the Playoffs. Dedicated fan, man."

Bubba Watson: "What is that cone he's talking about?"

Brooks Koepka: "There was a cone. There was a cone that was just outside, so I --"

Bubba Watson: "Were you hydrated that night?"

Brooks Koepka: "Yeah."

Bubba Watson: "Now we're getting to it."

Brooks Koepka: "Absolutely. Listen, I'm a die-hard fan."

Bubba Watson: "Is your shirt on or off?"

Brooks Koepka: "It's on."

Bubba Watson: "I ain't gonna look at it then."

Brooks Koepka: "But I'm a die-hard fan, man. When they do something good, I'm the first one to cheer them, I'll text these guys."

Bubba Watson: "Did you not text him?"

Brooks Koepka: "I didn't text him, no. I did not."

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