Brooks Koepka's coach explains 'done him no favours' moment: 'Poor me!'

Brooks Koepka's coach Pete Cowen believes his Netflix appearance 'did him no favours' as he predicts misery for LIV Golf players at 2023 Masters.

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Wed, 29 Mar 2023
Brooks Koepka's coach explains 'done him no favours' moment: 'Poor me!'

Brooks Koepka's appearance on the Netflix documentary Full Swing 'did him no favours', according to his coach Pete Cowen. 

Koepka featured in the second episode of the docuseries in which he exhibited signs of frustration and depression over his decline in performance. 

His episode - entitled Win or Go Home - was contrasted with the rise of Scottie Scheffler

The reigning Masters champion rose to the top of the professional world with consummate ease whereas Koepka questioned everything. 

Scheffler puts his faith in the lord as Koepka toils, practices his putting towards an empty wine bottle and bemoans his fall from grace over dinner with his team. 

In the episode, Koepka was quoted as saying:

"That kid, I guarantee if you ask him what he's thinking about, he goes: 'Nothing.' The best player in the world doesn't have any damn thoughts in his head, so why would you, right?
"You're trying to be the best player in the world, so if Scottie ain't doing it, why the hell am I doing it?"

Koepka's coach Cowen, who boasts a stable of golfers, discussed Koepka in an interview for The Times, telling the publication:

"That did him no favours. The way he talked openly about being not good enough. It was, 'Poor me,' and it's almost like he's saying it to punish himself. They all do it, though, they get so high and so low that there's nothing in between."

Cowen has also predicted the LIV Golf League players who will be playing in the 2023 Masters are in for a turbulent time. 

GolfMagic has already written this explainer assessing the form of each 'rebel' tour player

Cowen told the publication:

"I'm not optimistic about players who aren't playing competitively on a regular basis. It's a big deal. Like any sport, if you're not competitively sharp you struggle."

Cowen stressed that he's not anti-LIV. 

But he said: 

"Whether they say they do or not, they all play for money. They are selfish and they have to be to be very good players. Ask Rory how much appearance money he gets a year.
"They all need to get round a table because if someone is investing billions into my sport I'd be saying, 'How can I accommodate you?'

"I knew what I was getting into" 

Koepka has been reported as having 'buyer's remorse' after his $100m LIV Golf switch. 

These rumours were rubbished by Greg Norman's son. 

Koepka - who was spotted this week abusing a NHL player with a traffic cone - has most recently told SI:

"I'm fine, I'm satisfied, I'm content with every decision I've made. I knew everything I was getting into."

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Even if Koepka was having regrets over his switch, he wouldn't be able to come back to the PGA Tour until 2025. 

Reports have surfaced suggesting it would cost LIV players up to four times their signing-on fees if they broke their contracts

Koepka is said to have joined LIV for $100m. 

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