Bryson DeChambeau makes bold (!) equipment claim, opens up on Brooks Koepka feud

Bryson DeChambeau made a bold equipment claim before LIV Golf's event in Bedminster before opening up on his 'feud' with Brooks Koepka.

Bryson DeChambeau makes bold (!) equipment claim, opens up on Brooks Koepka feud
Bryson DeChambeau makes bold (!) equipment claim, opens up on Brooks…

Bryson DeChambeau says equipment contracts are not going to be as important going forward as he opened up on his feud with Brooks Koepka

DeChambeau, 29, met with a pool of reporters on 9 August alongside his Crushers teammate Anirban Lahiri. 

Both players will be teeing it up at LIV Golf''s 11th event of their 2023 campaign at Donald Trump's Bedminster course. 

DeChambeau will be looking to claim his second victory on the rival league having obliterated the competition a week ago at The Greenbrier's Old Course. 

The American, who will be hoping his 61-58 caught the attention of United States Ryder Cup captain Zach Johnson, opened up on some of his equipment woes in recent years. 

Even when he was playing PGA Tour events, he has made no secret of his frustrations with the driver. 


'My driver sucks,' DeChambeau famously said after the first round of the 2021 Open at Royal St. Georges. 

Understandably, his comments landed him in hot water with Cobra-Puma and the American apologised, making the claim that he meant to say it was him, not the equipment that was poor. 

Fast-forward to 2023 and DeChambeau has now cut ties with Cobra-Puma after working with the OEM for more than six years. 

In February, a rep for the company, Ben Schomin, tore into DeChambeau over the way he behaved.

Schomin told Golfweek one comment about what the American was searching for in a driver in early 2023 was 'asinine'. 

This was when DeChambeau was playing the Saudi International and had put the TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus into his bag. 

Bryson DeChambeau makes bold (!) equipment claim, opens up on Brooks Koepka feud

Schomin previously said:

"It was such an asinine statement, especially for a guy who is perceived to be all-knowing when it comes to science and physics, that he said he needs a driver that can be hit anywhere and everywhere across the face and find the fairway."

The rep went as far as saying DeChambeau thought there was a 'magic bullet out there'. 'He's looking for a unicorn,' he added.

Now DeChambeau has opened up. 

He said:

"Well, for five years I didn't have the right equipment, so that shows you how important equipment is.
"I think we're in a place now in time where contracts aren't necessarily as important as the purse you're playing for.
"Equipment contracts is what I mean, thank you, is not as important as the purse you're playing for.
"I really think the best equipment is going to start showing itself over the course of time because of that.
"I think it's a great thing for the game of golf. We want as professionals to provide the best equipment possible for the public as well as professionals.
"We don't want to just lock ourselves into one side of the market. We don't want to build just a club for us, nor for the average golfer. We want equipment to work for everyone.
"That's what I think is so beautiful about the game is keeping it the same across all ends is super important.
"So in regards to the forgiveness, you can say that, but it's just if you get the right physics going, you can get some special stuff happening in clubs."


DeChambeau also opened up on his 'feud' with Koepka. It all began when Koepka took issue with his pace of play. 

But now the two LIV Golf stars appear on better terms than ever. 

He explained:

"At the Ryder Cup we squashed a lot of what was going on. We realised we were going to play for our country, and not for our own personal advantage or what not."

Bryson DeChambeau makes bold (!) equipment claim, opens up on Brooks Koepka feud

He added:

"There was beef back in th day and time has gone on and we have got older, especially going to LIV, we realised that we're in this together and we got to figure out a way to make it make sense for everyone. 
"I think we all held the same belief that on both sides of the coin when it came to the franchise model, how the structures were set up, what needed to be done and to make this growing the game to the potential we think it could be."

DeChambeau said over the course of time they became more and more on the same page. 

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