"Doesn't happen often" Phil Mickelson's jaw drops after Bryson DeChambeau antics

Phil Mickelson left stunned after Bryson DeChambeau's latest antics on LIV Golf. 

Phil Mickelson's jaw dropped after watching Bryson DeChambeau hit a miraculous bunker shot during their recent practice round at LIV Golf Greenbrier. 

As we join a video clip posted on Instagram by DeChambeau's Crushers GC, the big-hitting American found himself in a spot of bother with his approach shot as his ball found the back edge of the greenside bunker. 

It even left Mickelson, a short-game wizard himself, scratching the surface as to how DeChambeau could possibly get his ball on the green from such a position in the sand. 

Incredibly, DeChambeau pulled off a miracle. 

Bryson told the camera everything he was about to do, and it just about all came off. 

Fellow Crushers GC member Anirban Lahiri was also in the group, and he said "Phil has still got his mouth open... that doesn't happen often!" as Bryson's ball travelled down towards the pin.


DeChambeau: "Look at this lie, this is gunna be fun... so it's gunna be a hooded shot like this, ima a hit it like that, and it's going to come out low, pop up and trickle down. I need a little more loft, here we go... [plays shot] like that, go ball... it was so close!"

Lahiri: "Impressive. That was pretty impressive, Bryson. Phil has still got his mouth open. That doesn't happen often!"

DeChambeau: "That was so close to being perfect."

Mickelson: "You know what, we're going to give you that for a par. That was such a good shot. Pick it up. That's a gimme par."

DeChambeau: "I'll take that."

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