Harold Varner interjects LIV Golf teammate over Ryder Cup question: "No s***!"

LIV Golf's Talor Gooch was asked about his Ryder Cup prospects once again but Harold Varner interjected and answered for the American.

Harold Varner interjects LIV Golf teammate over Ryder Cup question: "No s***!"
Harold Varner interjects LIV Golf teammate over Ryder Cup question: "No s*…

Harold Varner III interjected Talor Gooch when the American was asked about his Ryder Cup prospects.

Ordinarily Varner is the type of golfer who always has a relaxed and jovial attitude. 

But during a team press conference at LIV Golf's event at The Greenbrier, Varner changed his tone. 

The question was simple: has Zach Johnson been in touch with Gooch about the Ryder Cup? "Not yet, no" Gooch said. 

Why Gooch was asked that is because he is searching for his fourth LIV Golf win in 10 events in 2023. 

Gooch, 31, revealed before LIV's event near London that he hoped his Ryder Cup dreams wouldn't be dashed by joining the rival league. 

"How many days is the Ryder Cup?" Gooch fired back to a reporter when it was suggested the majority of his team mates, should he get picked, play 72-hole events. 

"If you win this week, do you think that should put you on the team?" a reporter asked Gooch. 

But Varner answered: 

"I think that's a tough question No s--- he wants to play on the Ryder Cup team, and some people think he should be on the team. But if he's playing, I would say yes every time. Who doesn't want to represent their country?
"He's playing absolutely great golf, so I think it's a great question, but also I think it's kind of hard for him to sit here and be like, 'Yeah, I don't think I should be on the Ryder Cup team.' You know what I mean? I think that's very difficult."

US captain Johnson has sought to distance himself from LIV questions when talking about his side. 

In May he said LIV players 'weren't on his radar'. 

He also unintentionally needled the rival league when he revealed he didn't even know what channel LIV was broadcast on. 


Despite those comments, Gooch is still hoping his good golf can catch Johnson's attention. 

"I think that what I think doesn't matter for it, unfortunately," he said. 

"So I'll just continue to play good golf and let the people whose opinions matter, hopefully, we can sway them a little bit."

GolfMagic have already made their Ryder Cup team predictions. 

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