LIV's Phil Mickelson ripped over social post: "You are DESTROYING the game!"

Phil Mickelson has returned to social media to hail LIV Golf as he expressed the breakaway tour has renewed his passion for the game.

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Wed, 2 Nov 2022
LIV's Phil Mickelson ripped over social post: "You are DESTROYING the game!"

The first season of LIV Golf is in the books and Phil Mickelson has returned to social media where he claimed $255m series has "renewed" his passion for the game. 

It's been a hell of a year for the six-time major champion. He ducked out of public life in February when his famously controversial remarks about working with the "scary" Saudis and using them as leverage were made public. 

He returned in June when news broke he was going all-in with LIV Golf, reportedly signing a multi-year $200m contract. Then he sued the PGA Tour

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Mickelson, 52, has since dropped out of the legal action because Greg Norman's LIV have added themselves as a plaintiff. 

Bryson DeChambeau is still suing the "childish and petty" PGA out of principle. Patrick Reed just won't stop suing in general. 

But back to Mickelson, who wrote on social media:

Mickelson previously claimed that even he was surprised by just how far LIV Golf have come since June. 

As a side note, can we all just appreciate that Mickelson's account recently liked then hastily un-liked this post:

That even looks like Mickelson! 

Anyway, Mickelson did receive some support about feeling rejuvenated. Of course he would.

But the majority of the comments underneath Mickelson's comment expressed dismay and disappointment. 

Here are just some of the remarks:


"Sad. You were once so admired and respected." 
"I mean you literally had one of the most iconic major wins of the last 50 years right before going to LIV. Your passion for the game needed to be renewed?"
"Genuine question: What is the "evolution" that LIV brings? That the golfers make more money? It's still just golf, and a much worse product, at that."
"So sad to see you go from one of the most beloved athletes of all time to where you are now. It sounds like you are trying to sell yourself and justify being bought and paid for at this point in your career. Most thought you were better than that. Money talks. Really big money."
"Notice how all the 'LIV' guys all read scripted responses from the Saudis."
"I used to be a big fan Phil, don't care now. Sad." 
"Just correcting a typo for you Phil. You said 'evolution' when I think you meant 'devolution.'" 
"Lost respect for you and what you stand for in the game of professional golf."
"I'm old enough to remember you grinding. Always love you, Phil. Arnie would be sad."
"Sorry Phil, one of favourite athletes of the past, I can't justify what LIV has done to golf. You are destroying the game unfortunately. Hope the money was worth it"




Mickelson will return once again to LIV in 2023. He will captain the Hy Flyers as the breakaway tour rebrands to the LIV Golf League. 

It will feature a roster of 60 players. LIV have not confirmed their schedule but there will be 14 events globally, with prize purses of $25m at every stop. 

As many as 68 players took part in the first season of LIV and Mickelson finished 40th on the money list, earning $1,825,350. 

Dustin Johnson, the 4 Aces GC captain, topped the biggest on-course earners with a mind-boggling $35,637,767. 

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