Report: OWGR board member makes astonishing LIV Golf claim!

PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh has given an update on LIV Golf's OWGR application. 

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Sat, 13 May 2023
Report: OWGR board member makes astonishing LIV Golf claim!

PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh has claimed the Official World Golf Ranking is waiting to hear back from LIV Golf as he questioned the business model of the breakaway tour. 

In comments to the Times of London, Waugh has claimed that every application to the OWGR has taken a considerable amount of time and those at LIV Golf made the assumption the process for accreditation would be sorted out swiftly. 

"It has never been," said Waugh. 

The OWGR has offered little in comments about LIV's application which was lodged last year before the landmark Open at St. Andrews. 

Since then a number of high-profile LIV players have criticised the OWGR. 

Phil Mickelson has suggested there is collusion taking place to keep the PGA Tour at the top of the tree and prevent LIV Golf from succeeding. 

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Waugh, who sits on the board of the OWGR, told the publication:

"There are certain parts of their structure that can be solved by math, but there may be some pretty fundamental things that are harder.
"There's the potential conflict with the team aspect and then access—how do you get relegated and promoted?
"They had our latest response weeks ago and we haven't heard back. They have made a bad assumption that this will be a quick process. It never has been.
"Every application has taken a year-plus as far as I'm aware. I can't speculate [on how long it will take] because they have not responded.
"They might have to solve things as well, and it's not clear whether they're willing to."

Questioning LIV's business model, he added:

"Their logic about the team play being something significant that people I think can get behind I think is flawed.
"I don't think people really care about it. And I don't see how it’s a survivable business model.
"They can fund it for as long as they want to, but no matter how much money you have, at some point burning it doesn't feel very good. I don't see they are accomplishing much."

Once again, Waugh stated that he doesn't believe the divide is good for the game. 

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He said the 87th Masters set the stage for 'civility', adding:

"That's the one we want. Nobody died, right? I lived in a world of disruption my whole business career and disruption is generally healthy. It makes you better, and the game is better.
"I don't think division is good for the game. Hopefully, it's good for those individuals that have made whatever decisions they have, but the game has moved on.
"It's amplified those who have stayed and the ones who have left have largely disappeared from the landscape—in terms of an exposure perspective."

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