Report: Teenage girl claims sexual assault at boozy Greg Norman pool party

LIV Golf boss Greg Norman and his wife are being sued in relation to an alleged sexual assault at their $18m mansion.

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Fri, 16 Jun 2023
Report: Teenage girl claims sexual assault at boozy Greg Norman pool party

LIV Golf supremo Greg Norman is being sued in connection with an alleged sexual assault said to have taken place during a boozy pool party at his mansion.

According to Daily Mail, who were the first to report the news, the complainant is a minor and has been identified as a classmate of Norman's stepdaughter. 

The girl, referred to as Jane Doe, is said to have been invited to a party at Norman's $18m home in Palm Beach Gardens in September 2021.

It has been reported she was supplied alcohol and later sexually assaulted on a 'grassy area' having been spotted 'stumbling around the party' and being 'visibly inebriated'. 

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Norman's lawyer told the publication the matter was 'investigated fully', the allegations were false and they had no idea it was being filed. 

The Great White Shark, 68, and his wife Kristen Kutner, 55, are being sued for breaching their duty of care.

The lawsuit, filed in Palm Beach County in March, reads:

"After the consumption of lots of alcohol present at Defendants' home, Plaintiff was incapable of standing on her own and was seen stumbling around the party. After Plaintiff became visibly inebriated, she was sexually assaulted by both M.B. and C.R. simultaneously while on the grassy area near Defendants' pool.”
"Defendants breached their duty of care by not safe-guarding or preventing injury to Jane Doe's health and well-being, including, but not limited to, abusive conduct by other minor invitees resultant in part from the provision of alcoholic beverages to the minor invitees.

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It continues:

"As a result of Defendants' negligence, Doe suffered bodily injury and resulting pain and suffering, disability, mental anguish, loss of the capacity for the enjoyment of life, expenses for counseling and resulting treatment, loss of earnings, and the loss of the ability to earn money in the future. These losses are permanent, and Jane Doe will suffer losses in the future."

M.B. and C.R are two other girls, said to also be minors. 

The complainant is said to want in excess of $50,000 in damages over the alleged sexual assault at the pool party. 

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