What can you learn from LIV Golf pro Matthew Wolff's golf swing?

Matthew Wolff has one of the most unique swings in the world of golf, but what can we learn from the young American's approach to the game?

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Mon, 25 Jul 2022
What can you learn from LIV Golf pro Matthew Wolff's golf swing?

Every golfer has their own way of getting their ball around the course and PGA Tour winner turned LIV Golf rebel Matthew Wolff could certainly attest to this. 

The 23-year-old has the most unique swing in the game and his entire approach to golf shows that you should swing it how you feel, no matter how unorthodox it may look.

The likes of Scottie Scheffler and Jim Furyk have also shown that the most aesthetically pleasing swing doesn't guarantee success. It's all about finding the middle of the club face.

Alex from GolfMagic analysed Wolff's swing and he picked out a key part that amateur golfers could learn from. Forget the American's back-swing, let's look at his pre-shot routine.

Just before his club takeaway, Wolff rotates his body forwards for a split second to aim his hips at the target. He also presses his hands forward as well which marginally closes the angle of the club face.


This pre-shot routine is very significant because he is trying to simulate his impact position when he eventually takes his swing at the ball. He wants his body to be aimed at the target when he connects with the ball.

There is method to Wolff's madness and his individualistic approach helped him to win the 3M Open in 2019 and to come second at the US Open in 2020.

However, Wolff is winless in three years on the PGA Tour and following a break from the game last season to cope with mental health issues, he has been largely uncompetitive on the circuit in recent months.

If we are honest, an inability to be competitive on the world's best tour is a common denominator among the majority of the players who have moved to the LIV Golf Invitational Series.

Wolff came eighth on his debut at the Portland Invitational at the start of the month and he will tee it up at Bedminster this week on the Saudi-backed series.



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